Cross Court Tennis 2


The most full-featured, realistic tennis game for Android


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Cross Court Tennis 2 is a 3D tennis game in which players can participate in complete games, controlling their own tennis player and moving freely around the court (which is different than what happens in many other games of this genre for Android).

The mechanics in Cross Court Tennis 2 are very similar to those of other tennis games for desktop computers, as you can precisely control the movements of your tennis player and you will always have two different types of swings.

In the free version of Cross Court Tennis 2, players can only play fast games against an opponent that is controlled by the computer. In the paid version, however, you can also participate in different tournaments where you can demonstrate who the best tennis player in the world is.

Visually speaking, Cross Court Tennis 2 is an excellent game. The models of the tennis players, the line umpire, and even the scenes themselves are recreated in spectacular detail.

Cross Court Tennis 2 is an excellent, which is in a league of its own compared to the rest of the games in this genre for Android. The control system, in addition, is surprisingly precise.
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